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Most photographers will tell you photography has always been their passion. 

But for me,  PEOPLE are my passion.  I am at the core of all things, a people person.

I'm also a self declared "geek".  I love things that are very technical and that challenge my brain.  Photography for me, is the perfect marriage of the two.

As far as my "people passion" goes... What better way to be involved in people lives than helping them capture memories.  

I've had the honor of working with people from all walks of life. From expectant mothers, Past US Presidents, national recording artists and DJs, to the person just looking to remember their 25th birthday. 

Photography provides more than enough technical challenges, with all the science that goes into operating and understanding every aspect of a camera.  It feeds my inner "geek".

 A few things about me personally.....

I'm married to my childhood sweetheart! We met when I was 10 years  old, and from day one I was smitten. We have been married since 1998. Though we don't have any kids, we have more pets than should probably be allowed. I LOVE MUSIC, and play many instruments.

​Chicago area born and raised, living in Fl. since 2001.




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